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New employee checklists

Please note

*AFMC installations are able to alter the steps and order of the following checklists at their discretion. Please communicate with your local civilian personnel office and unit sponsor to complete the steps necessary for your unique situation.


  1. Receive Tentative Job Offer (TJO) (dependent on completion of any remaining mandatory requirements)
  2. Follow the instructions received in your TJO to download the “USAF Connect” app and access the “Newcomers” button on the AFMC Page. This feature will provide helpful information for new hires.
  3. Complete e-QIP (if applicable)
  4. Fingerprints (if applicable)
  5. Physical (if applicable)
  6. Drug test (if applicable)
  7. Receive Firm Job Offer (FJO)
  8. Receive reporting date and instructions
  9. Receive instructions to gain temporary base access (if applicable)
  10. Receive email from unit sponsor/supervisor with other helpful information
  11. Complete any remaining paperwork
  12. Complete Cyber Awareness Training and print certificate to provide to unit sponsor upon arrival.



*Reach out to New Employee Orientation (NEO) administrators or Unit Sponsor with questions during any part of the in-processing phase.

  1. You will be contacted by a member of the personnel team to initiate your inprocessing where you will be informed of necessary documentation you will need to provide.
  2. Digitally certify required paperwork.
  3. A member of the civilian personnel team will provide instructions to help you gain base access for the first time.
  4. Take Oath of Office and receive new civilian pin.
  5. Attend New Employee Orientation (NEO) and trainings.
  6. Obtain Common Access Card (CAC). Please note, you must provide two forms of valid ID to pick up CAC.
  7. After receiving your CAC, register for benefits using the GRB platform. For legal reasons, only Benefits Specialists can advise on benefits.

new people

First Day

  1. Settle in to workspace.
  2. Receive unit briefing and welcome letter to learn the mission, vision and goals of unit/team.
  3. Discuss job and expectations with supervisor.
  4. Certify base access, building access, and parking location.
  5. Set office hours and work schedule.
  6. Discuss leave/absence procedures and timecard system.
  7. Discuss workplace attire, workplace safety, and severe weather policy.
  8. Obtain relevant training manuals and AFIs (Air Force Instructions).
  9. Ensure computer, phone, and voicemail work properly.
  10. Find restrooms, cafeteria, and other relevant building locations.
  11. Receive union information (if applicable).

new people new people

First Week

  1. Obtain a list of required trainings from your unit sponsor/supervisor.
  2. Obtain installation and building maps.
  3. Receive gate access schedule.
  4. Begin internal new employee checklist.
  5. Obtain installation/unit organizational chart.
  6. Learn unit-specific websites/SharePoint locations.
  7. Obtain list of useful phone numbers (emergency numbers, recall roster, etc.).
  8. Learn locations of shredders, recycling bins, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) bins, and building trash receptacles.
  9. Learn fitness policy, smoking policy, and cell phone usage policy.

First Month

  1. Receive Position Description and Performance Plan from supervisor.
  2. Register for MyVector.
  3. Find a mentor.
  4. Create Individual Development Plan (IDP) with supervisor.
  5. Receive introduction to Junior Force Council (0-3, GS-13, and equivalent or below).
  6. Apply for travel credit card if needed for Temporary Duty (TDY) travel.
  7. Complete telework (TW) training and paperwork if applicable. Obtain supervisor approval if TW is desired.
  8. Complete onboarding assessment sent by email after 30 days of employment.