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You have now accomplished all required on-boarding actions.

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This publication was produced by the HQ AFMC Acculturation Team with support from various AF and AFMC information outlets and Directorates. Information and web links listed are subject to change without notice. This handbook will be updated quarterly and available on the AFMC Newcomers Icon on the AF Connect App. Please refer to "USAF Connect App" Page on how to download the app.


Our Team

RoleTeam MemberResponsibilities
Project SponsorMaj Amanda RebhiServes as an advocate of the project and provides financial, administrative, technical, and advisory resources and support for the project team and stakeholders. Declares if the project is a success or not.
Project LeaderMSgt Jessica McGadneyServes as key advisor and counsel to Project Sponsor and stakeholders. Responsible for the overall success of the project, including appointing the project manager and team, defining success criteria, and ensuring the successful delivery of the project. Making key business decisions for the project. Plans and develop the project idea. Communicating the project’s goals. Provides expertise/knowledge and feedback to the project manager and team when needed.
Project ManagerMSgt Joshua McMillanHighly involved in the overall outcome and success of the project. Monitor project progress and deadlines. Ensures that project team have the time, skills, resources, and direction they need to meet project goals. Provides expertise/knowledge and feedback to the project leader and team when needed. Organizes, tracks, and leads project teams to execute work and tasks within the project. Day to day team leader Overseeing task completion and updating. Project Leader on project progress. Keep an eye on the goals and expectations and alert the Project Leader if there is a misalignment between the schedule and estimated dates. Solve issues that arise. Evaluate project performance.
Vision Team LeadSrA Lexie KernanSupports and assists the Project Manager and Project Leader Ensures that the vision of the project leader is properly carried out. Reviews all project materials designed/created by the subcommittees for accuracy and ensure that it aligns with the project leader’s overall vision and goal for the project, before the final product is submitted to the Project Leader. Drafts and submits the weekly project status report to the Project Leader (due Friday mornings).
Governance Team LeadSSgt Tamiya PorterEnsures that we stay on track regarding project timelines and due outs. Track all correspondence regarding updates/follow-ups and communicate with the project leader and project manager. Serves as the project communication liaison. Ensures that weekly team meetings are properly scheduled and conducted. Coordinates any and all other necessary communication between team leads, team members, and project manager and leader are properly communicated and conducted. Pushes out all updated guidance, changes to schedules, and project updates received from project leader, project manager, and subcommittee team leads. Maintain a record of product completion status.
HR Team LeaderSSgt Princess ScottDirects and leads the HR Team. Ensures that all HR related products aligns with the Project Leader’s overall vision for the project. Reviews all HR related products for accuracy before submitting final product to the Project Leader for review/final approval. Ensures that all feedback received from the Project Leader regarding corrections gets provided to HR Team members. Provides Project Leader with updates and follow-ups within a reasonable timeframe.
Web DeveloperSrA Kuftyrev OlegRapidly developed and deployed application. Providing coding, UI/UX Expertise to the team. Established pipeline and developed a codebase for the entire project. Providing guidelines to the DevOps team.
Finance TeamTSgt Lloyd Morris & SSgt Arderia CorbinOverseeing projects relating to cash flow, financial reporting, and revenue and expenses. Assisting departments in creating and managing forecasts and budgets for various projects.