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Air Froce Employee Assistance Program

About The Employee Assistance Program​

The Air Force Employee Assistance Program (AF EAP) provides short-term, solution-focused, confidential counseling, and work/life balance resources to appropriated and non-appropriated fund Air Force civilians and their families 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, at no cost to the employee or family member.



Agencies for comphensive airman fitness​

MENTAL: Employee Assistance Program​

Offers Consultation, Assessment, & Referral, for employees AND their families; Short-Term & Solution Focused Counseling; Voluntary, Confidential, and Prepaid Financial and/or legal consultation; Online resources available

SPIRITUAL: Chaplain Corps​

Pastoral Counseling; Worship Services; Sunday School (Protestant); Confraternity Christian Doctrine CCD (Catholic); Vacation Bible School (Ecumenical); Youth Groups; Women’s Groups; Men’s Group (Protestant)

SOCIAL: Airmen & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC)​

Financial Counseling & Education; Retirement Planning; Employment; Relocation Information; Deployment Support; Family Life Education; Information & Referral

SOCIAL: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)​

SAPR provides confidential 24/7 response and victim care support to military members, adult dependents of military members, and Air Force civilian employees who are victims of non-intimate partner sexual assault. Services include advocacy, referrals to medical care, counseling, and local resources. For more information visit the AFMC SAPR home page

Equal Opportunity Office​

Addresses complaints and allegations of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment; Provides Human Relations Education and training; Supports activities which celebrate diversity; Provides referral assistance for issues that fall outside Equal Opportunity (EO) purview

Child Services​

Accredited Child Development Centers; Children 6 wks-5 yrs full-day care; Hourly care; Licensed Family Child Care homes; Extended Duty Care

Youth Services​

School-Age Programs (SAP) before and after school, during holidays, and summer vacations; Teen/Pre-Teen Centers; Youth Sports Programs

PHYSICAL: Civilian Health Promotion Services πŸ”—β€‹

Wellness screenings (cardiac risk profile, blood pressure, body composition); Health education programs (class topics covering a wide variety of health and wellness topics); Online wellness portal (health risk assessment, health and wellness resources, interactive health trackers, incentives and challenges)