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Air Force Acronyms

A - Alpha

AWOLAbsent without Leave
AIBAccident Investigation Board
ADActive Duty
AGRActive Guard/Reserve
AGAdjutant General
AGEAerospace Ground Equipment
AFAir Force
AFRICOMAfrica Command
AEFAir and Space Expeditionary Force
ACCAir Combat Command
ACSCAir Command And Staff College
AETCAir Education and Training Command
AEWAir Expeditionary Wing AFAF Air Force Assistance Fund
AFAAir Force Association
AFGSCAir Force Global Strike Command
AFAAAir Force Audit Agency AFB Air Force Base
AFITAir Force Institute Of Technology AFI Air Force Instruction
AFMANAir Force Manual
AFMCAir Force Materiel Command
ASOSHAir Force Occupational And Environmental Safety, Fire Prevention, And Health (Program)
AFPCAir Force Personnel Center
AFPDAir Force Policy Directive
AFRAir Force Regulations
AFRCAir Force Reserve Component
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFSPCAir Force Space Command
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command
AFSCAir Force Specialty Code
AFTOAir Force Technical Order
ACCAir Combat Command ABW Air Base Wing
AFCENTAir Forces Central
AIAAir Intelligence Agency
AIMAir Intercept Missile AMC Air Mobility Command
ANGAir National Guard
ANGUSAir National Guard Of The United States
AOCAir Operations Center AO Action Officer
ARCAir Reserve Components
ARPCAir Reserve Personnel Center
ARTAir Reservice Technician
ASOCAir Support Operations Center
ATOAir Tasking Order
ATCAir Traffic Control
AWCAir War College
AWFCAir Warfare Center
AWACSAirborne Warning and Control System
AMUAircraft Maintenance Unit
ABAirman Basic; Air Base
A1CAirman First Class
ALSAirmen Leadership School
AT/FPAntiterrorism/Force Protection
AORArea Of Responsibility
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
AINArmy Installation
ADPAutomated Data Processing
ADPEAutomated Data Processing Equipment
ATAAPSAutomated Time Attendance and Production System

B - Bravo

BAHBasic Housing Allowance
BSCBiomedical Sciences Corps

C - Charlie

CYCalendar Year
CSBCentral Selection Board
CJCSChairman, Joint Chiefs Of Staff
CROChange Of Rating Official
HCChaplain Corps
CSAFChief Of Staff, United States Air Force
CAPCivil Air Patrol
CPFCivilian Personnel Flight
COBClose of Business
CFRCode of Federal Regulation
CAFCombat Air Forces
CCDRCombatant Commander
CSARCombat Search And Rescue
CAOCCombined Air (and Space) Operations Center
CCMDCombatant Command
CAFComprehensive Airman Fitness
CDDeputy Commander
CFCCombined Federal Campaign
CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Commander
CTFCombined Task Force
CSSCommander Support Staff
COMACCCommander, Air Combat Command
COTCommissioned Officer Training
CACCommon Access Card (ID Card)
COMM/NAVCommunications And Navigation
COMSECCommunications Security
CCAFCommunity College Of The Air Force
CGOCompany Grade Officer
CONOPSConcept Operations
CONUSContinental United States
CUIControlled Unclassified Information
COACourse of Action CY Calendar Year

D - Delta

DORDate Of Rank
DOSDate Of Separation
DAWIADefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DCPDSDefense Civilian Personnel Data System
DEERSDefense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DMSDefense Message System
DPMAPDefense Performance Management and Appraisal Program
DSNDefense Switched Network
DTSDefense Travel System
DCDental Corps
DoDDepartment Of Defense
DODIDepartment of Defense Instruction
DAFDepartment Of The Air Force
DETCODetachment Commander
DODirector Of Operations
DPDirector Of Personnel; Definitely Promote
DRUDirect Reporting Unit
DGDistinguished Graduate
DVDistinguished Visitor
DZDrop Zone

E - Echo

EAPEmployee Assistance Program
EPREnlisted Performance Report
EODEntry of Duty
EOTEqual Opportunity And Treatment
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
EOCExpeditionary Operations Center
EADExtended Active Duty

F - Foxtrot

FMLAFamily and Medical Leave Act
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FEDVIPFederal Dental and Vision Insurance Program
FEGLIFederal Employees Group Life Insurance
FEHBFederal Emloyees Health Benefits
FERSFederal Employees Retirement System
FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act
FWSFederal Wage System
FGOField Grade Officer
FOAField Operating Agency
FTXField Training Exercise
FLOTUSFirst Lady of the United States
FYFiscal Year
FITFitness Improvement Training
FPForce Protection
FPCONForce Protection Condition
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FOBForward Operating Base
FOLForward Operating Location
FYI/A/SAFor Your Information/Action/Situational Awareness
FOIAFreedom Of Information Act
FMCFully Mission Capable

G - Golf

GMGeneral Manager
GOGeneral Officer
GSGeneral Schedule
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSUGeographically Separated Unit
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GAOGovernment Accounting Office
GWOTGlobal War On Terrorism
GPAGrade Point Average
GP/CCGroup Commander (Office Symbol)

H - Hotel

HAZMATHazardous Materials
HAFHeadquarters Air Force
HFHigh Frequency
HHQHigher Headquarters
HBCUHistorical Black Colleges And Universities

I - India

IAWIn Accordance With
ISOIn Support Of
IDPIndividual Development Plan
IMAIndividual Mobilization Augmentee
IAInformation Assurance
ITInformation Technology
IDEAInnovative Development Through Employee Awareness
I/APZIn-Or-Above-The-Promotion Zone
IGInspector General
ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance
IDEIntermediate Development Education
IOInvestigating Officer

J - Juliett

JCSJoint Chiefs Of Staff
JFACCJoint Forces Air Component Commander
JIATF-EJoint Inter-Agency Task Force-East
JSOTFJoint Special Operations Task Force
JTFJoint Task Force
JWICSJoint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
JA(G)Judge Advocate (General)

L - Lima

LZLanding Zone
LWOPLeave Without Pay
LOELetter Of Evaluation
LNOLiaison Officer
LAFLine Of The Air Force
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LOGDETLogistics Detail

M - Mike

MAJCOMMajor Command
MLManagement Level
MLRManagement Level Review
MOABMassive Ordnance Air Burst
MPRGMaster Personnel Record Group
MCMedical Corps
MSCMedical Service Corps
MOAMemorandum Of Agreement
MOUMemorandum Of Understanding
MILCONMilitary Construction
MPFMilitary Personnel Flight
MPSMilitary Personnel Support
MILSPECSMilitary Specification
MIL-STDMilitary Standard
MTFMilitary Treatment Facility
MQMission Qualified

N - November

NGBNational Guard Bureau
NWCNational War College
NOSCNetwork Operations Security Center
NMINo Middle Initial
NAFNon-Appropriated Funds; Numbered Air Force
NEONoncombatant Evacuation Operation
NCONoncommissioned Officer
NCOANoncommissioned Officer Academy
NCOICNoncommissioned Officer-In-Charge
NMCNon-Mission Capable
NIPRNETNon-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
NORADNorth American Aerospace Defense Command
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NLTNot Later Than
NCNurse Corps

O - Oscar

OSIOffice Of Special Investigation
OICOfficer In Charge
OPROfficer Performance Report; Office Of Primary Responsibility
OSROfficer Selection Board
OASDIOld-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
OJTOn-The-Job Training
OIOperating Instruction
OPTEMPOOperating Tempo
OPORDOperation Order
OPLANOperation Plan
OPSECOperations Security
OREOperational Readiness Exercise
ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
ORMOperational Risk Management
OPSECOperations Security
OPSTEMPOOperations Tempo
OCONUSOutside the Continental United States
OTWOutside The Wire
OBEOvercome by Events

P - Papa

PACAFPacific Air Forces
PFWPerformance Feedback Worksheet
PCSPermanent Change Of Station
PASPersonnel Accounting Symbol
PDSPersonnel Data System
PIFPersonnel Information File
PRPersonnel Recovery
PERSTEMPOPersonnel Tempo
POCPoint Of Contact
PDPosition Description
PTOPreliminary Technical Order
POTUSPresident Of The United States
PAFSCPrimary Air Force Specialty Code
POWPrisoner Of War
POVPrivately Owned Vehicle
PIProduct Improvement
PMEProfessional Military Education
PRFPromotion Recommendation Form
PRISMPromotion Recommendation-In-Board Support Management

Q - Quebec

QAQuality Assurance
QOLQuality Of Life

R - Romeo

RAPIDSReal-Time Automated Personnel Identification System
ROPRecord Of Performance
RegAFRegular Air Force
RPARemotely Piloted Aircraft; Request for Personnel Action
RASLReserve Active Status List
ResAFReserve Of The Air Force
RAFRoyal Air Force (UK)
ROERules Of Engagement

S - Sierra

SATCOMSatellite Communications
SARSearch And Rescue
SIPRNETSecret Internet Protocol Router Network
SAFSecretary Of The Air Force (Staff)
SecAFSecretary Of The Air Force (Individual)
SECDEFSecretary Of The Defense
SDESenior Development Education
SESSenior Executive Service Member
SMSgtSenior Master Sergeant
SNSRSenior NCOs Selection Record
SNCOSenior Noncommissioned Officer
SNCOASenior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
SRIDSenior Rater Identification Code
STONSShort Tons
SSNSocial Security Number
SEASoutheast Asia
SWASouthwest Asia
SPCMSpecial Court-Martial
SPINSSpecial Instructions
SSBSpecial Selection Board
SQ/CCSquadron Commander (Office Symbol)
SAVStaff Assistance Visit
SJAStaff Judge Advocate
SCPDStandard Core Personnel Document
SFStandard Form
SOFAStatus-Of-Forces Agreement
SUNTStudent Undergraduate Navigator Training

T - Tango

TOTechnical Order
TDYTemporary Duty
TSPThrift Savings Plan
TCTOTime Compliance Technical Order
TSTop Secret
TAFMSTotal Active Federal Military Service
TRTraining Report
TEDTransfer Effective Date

U - Uniform

UCMJUniform Code Of Military Justice
UMDUnit Manpower Document
UPRGUnit Personnel Record Group
UTCUnit Type Code
UNUnited Nations
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAFRUnited States Air Force Reserve
USAFEUnited States Air Forces Europe
USAUnited States Army
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USCUnited States Code
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USNUnited States Navy
USSFUnited States Space Force
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle

V - Victor

VIPVery Important Person
VPOTUSVice President Of The United States

W - Whiskey

WMDWeapons Of Mass Destruction
WMPWeight Management Program
WAPSWeighted Airman Promotion System
WG/CCWing Commander (Office Symbol)
WCAPWorld Class Athlete Promote