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Kuftyrev Oleg

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Kuftyrev Oleg

This is the summary of a very long blog post,

Use a <!-- truncate --> comment to limit blog post size in the list view.

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Kuftyrev Oleg

Blog posts support Markdown features, such as MDX.


Use the power of React to create interactive blog posts.

<button onClick={() => alert('button clicked!')}>Click me!</button>

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Kuftyrev Oleg

Simply add Markdown files (or folders) to the blog directory.

Regular blog authors can be added to authors.yml.

The blog post date can be extracted from filenames, such as:

  • 2022-04-02-welcome-welcome/

A blog post folder can be convenient to co-locate blog post images:

Docusaurus Plushie

The blog supports tags as well!

And if you don't want a blog: just delete this directory, and use blog: false in site config.